Mitch White

Our Marketing Director Mitch is defined through out of the box design standards. Incredibly clear, visual and artistic, Mitch provides GPC’s clients with fast turn around on screen and print designs that create individualised full effect marketing campaigns. He’s the brains behind your property brochure, any project logo, for sale signs and website design- the list goes on. Mitch has worked on a diverse range of projects to help brands transcend beyond what is unimaginable.

We are all about the finer details that collectively accumulate bigger results.

At Good Property, we bring Luxury property identities to life through our team of creative geniuses, with all forms of media, print, film and production.

At the basis of ingenuity, our creative team focuses on high-end, custom marketing strategies that weave and layer our brands mission to our community. Through having an internal powerhouse of professionals that truly specialise and perfect their craft, we can deliver exceptionally polished and detailed marketing packages to our clients that exceed the normal standards of real estate.