Studio Yugen x Good Property Collective

IMAGES BY – Studio Yugen
WORDS BY – Brodie Low

Studio Yugen is a multi-disciplinary design studio based out of Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast. Their Creative Director, Georgina, sat down with us to discuss her besotted relationship between humans and buildings and the enriched life that can take place in a well-designed space. 

With a fine art background and an honours degree in Interior Design from RMIT (Melbourne), Georgina continues to push boundaries with her team and excite people with her experience in interior design. What you see within Studio Yugen work is interior architecture and design in art form, which encompasses a timeless earth feel. Collaboration is a focus, with Studio Yugen’s connection to local craftspeople that can design bespoke furniture curating art, styling and furniture packages for AirBnB and holiday homes. 

What does the name represent, ‘Studio Yugen?’ 

Studio Yugen was the decided name for my interior design company as I align with the Japanese conceptual word Ýugen” which means ‘A profound, mysterious sense of the beauty of the universe.

What 5 top staging tips make the most significant uplift to a home? 

Bright bold artwork, furniture that is the correct size and shape for the space, fresh flowers, different textures highlighted within rugs, cushions and throw blankets, using neutral tones to make the space feel bigger.

Tell us more about the principles of Studio Yugen. What is the basis of all of your design work? 

We truly believe that a well-designed space has the impact to change your life. We educate our clients around ideas of wellness and how this can start in the home. We encourage natural materials to be used within our designs and highlight the importance of injecting personality through art and sculptural furniture pieces. 


In your opinion, what interior style is the most timeless? 

I’m a lover of mid-century furniture and design; it’s a broad style and can be interpreted in many ways. I like to balance it with an éclectic’ feel through the use of playful fun styling items to inject personality and wonder. 

What is the secret to creating interior architecture that flows from the inside out? 

Using the same cabinetry finishes outside as you have inside gives a feeling of a seamless space. Also, high-quality furniture that fits the space in regards to proportions and ensuring there is enough circulation room. 

Why do you do what you do? What part of this work is the most fulfilling? 

I love that spaces can be manipulated in many different ways to achieve a particular mood, feeling or emotion. We spend so much time in interior spaces, and I believe that we can improve our wellbeing by paying attention to our interior spaces and ensuring they feel great. I really enjoy educating clients around ‘feeling” the space. We encourage clients to take their shoes off and walk on the flooring we’ve selected, the rug they’ve chosen and to feel the stones for bench tops. Interiors are tactile environments, so they should be pleasing on the eye but also a delight to your overall senses. Luxury can be achieved in many small moments, and we explore this through our projects in fine detail. 

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