Sherpa Property Group x Good Property Collective

IMAGES BY – Sherpa Property Group
WORDS BY – Brodie Low

In this week’s episode, we spoke with Todd from the Sherpa Property Group, a Gold Coast-based development company with a spectacular portfolio along the eastern coastline. The Sherpa Group omits a “less is more” philosophy, emphasising their commitment to customisation to exceed their competitors and surpass clients’ expectations.

Todd remarks, “if a client requests a marble slab from Italy, we get a marble slab from Italy”. Sherpa invites their purchaser to customise their unique needs, allowing the buyer to be highly involved in the build. 

The Sherpa name originates from the Himalayas, where the sherpa do all the heavy lifting, “we believe we do all the heavy lifting for our clients and go above and beyond; it really is what makes us different.”

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