Selling Your Home in Summer 2022

Our best-kept secrets revealed to have your Kingscliff home staged, photographed, marketed and sold all within a 90-day period this summer. As Kingscliff real estate has taken a slight correction, no longer are homes selling one hour post open home as they were last year. What we are seeing in a market that is slower to transact but that still maintains healthy home values is that the success of your sales campaign comes down to 2 major factors.


1. The actual stock and home itself (Is it an idyllic location? Is this type of home in demand? What are its best features?)
2. How does the home present online? (well before people even step foot in the home). This comes down to a well-thought-out design strategy.

Explore all kinds of luxury vistas in the area where Kingscliff homes by design will naturally take your breath away. Construction is currently in high demand, bringing us never before seen numbers of architecturally designed builds. There is a grand number of people moving to areas in which GPC services that require a certain standard of living. This shift is bringing another dimension of fine home designs, setting the standards of ‘High-End Living’ blended with the natural terrain and beach lifestyle that we geographically offer. Kingscliff real estate is unquestionably attractive to the Australian lifestyle buyer.

Design is paramount to setting the tone for buyers to visualise their own family and lifestyle that could be derived from an open home. If you are thinking about selling in Kingscliff, it is important to present your home with a certain visual when signing with an agency to sell. If you assign an interior designer or staging team, one of the first things you need to think about is who your perfect buyer is. You need to stage and cater to the future homeowner and show them what is possible when it comes to furniture styles, spatial layouts and configurations. Firstly decide whether you are open to including furniture and accessories as part of the sale to the right buyer. Think about what this buyer will be attracted to and accentuate that as part of the theme and style of the property. This gives strong clarity and personality to the property which can be a powerful tool when it comes to engaging potential buyers.

Before all the styling is completed you really need to go back to basics, ensuring the home has been cleaned floor to ceiling. Some neglected duties that homeowners can miss (these can be major disruptors) are glass windows and whitewares not being professionally cleaned, cluttered garages, unkept gardens and dirty pools. What you want to create is a sanctuary, holding the highest value to the buyer that the home could ever possibly portray. This makes for better quality photos, which in return generates much greater interest throughout the timeline of your real estate campaign. Kingscliff real estate purveys a strong home character of what the Good Property Collective team refers to as luxury coastal design. What this generally encompasses is the earth-felt elements of neutral colours from materials such as natural woods, jute, rattan and soft linens. The layering of these textures gives a feeling of relaxation and connects the homeowner, bringing outdoor aspects as part of the home. The luxury coastal design encourages open space with the feeling of soft colours that create endless light. Architectural Kingscliff homes along Cylinders Drive are perfect examples of luxury coastal design, where the components of the construction are easy on the eye but built with the intention to blend with the ocean-side landscape in a luxurious and high-end way. The kitchen and the lounge are the most important spaces in the home to stage. This is where people generally have their first impression of the home as they enter. It is also where they spend most of their time viewing and talking to the agent. You need to think about the psychology of spacial design when it comes to people being attracted to buying a home. Deliberately create lots of space and openness throughout the home, through minimalistic design. It also pays to get sensory, appealing to all sight, touch, feel, sound and smell. Think soft linens, plush pillows, an amazing interior scent and floristry.


When it comes to Kingscliff real estate, homes are taking longer to sell now with the average property taking approximately 30 days to transact. This comes down to the heat being taken out of the market. It is more important than ever for your Kingscliff home to stand out amongst the rest and this can be greatly achieved by presenting thoughtfully and intentionally. There is not as much buyer urgency as there once was from last year and the year before. In saying that, it also pays to mention that the property market is still alive and well and for clients looking to sell, our team is here to get you the best price and advantage play in a market that is currently abundant with genuine buyers that have favourable deposits, some cash buyers and people who are not at all affected by the current interest rate increases. It is an interesting market in which we can now see who is here to play ball. In Kingscliff real estate, property investors are coming out with a sense of calm after the chaos, it is a time when we are seeing quality offers presented that pull through. Interstate enquiry is still remaining strong, with inflation having a massive spike this year, the northern rivers of the NSW region and Gold Coast are and have always been a more affordable option compared to the likes of Sydney and Melbourne residential real estate. With the example of Kingscliff real estate at a current median value of 1.74 million dollars compared to back in October 2019, Kingscliff homes were valued at an average of only $927,5000. There has been unprecedented growth during this season’s cycle and whilst we are not in the same market as last year, history has shown us those who sit and wait for property prices to retract never succeed compared to those that invest.


Now that we have reached spring, buyers are more frequent and are more likely to put forward serious offers with the thought of both Summer and Christmas in mind. It is always a good indicator of increased sales figures and clearance rates during the warmer months when it comes to Kingscliff real estate. Whilst the Australian property market has been affected, our part of the map tends not to follow the typical trends of competing Australian major cities. After all, Queensland and Northern NSW have always been home to some of Australia’s best holiday destinations. We tend to be more thought about and considered during our summer months and holiday periods when people come here and relax. Many visitors purchase holiday homes where they can yield a fantastic return when it is not owner-occupied during the alternate times of the year. The Good Property Collective team can assist interstate buyers with purchasing their own slice of luxury Kingscliff real estate. With our direct relationships with Kingscliff home owners here and with a generous stake in the market, we understand the area well and represent many people wishing to buy here. When you list with GPC, we offer home staging, assist in a personalised itinerary of getting your house market ready and collaborate with local brands I.e linen makers, botanists, homewares, etc. to accessorise and style your stand-out listing. That’s our difference. We know what looks good, we know what buyers are looking for and we know how to get you the best price- always starting with an on-point and on-trend home presentation.


Thinking about styling your Kingscliff home but don’t know where to start? Book a consultation with our Good Property Collective stylist.


Our goal is to achieve great financial outcomes for our clients by capturing the hearts of potential buyers, and by showcasing beautifully styled properties where they can imagine a future. Our interior design team curates and carefully selects high-quality furniture and accessories as a vital element in highlighting a property’s key features. Working with our clients to bring their Kingscliff or home to life and achieve great outcomes is what drives us. We specialise in curating luxury coastal design in the Kingscliff real estate market. Through having an internal powerhouse of creative professionals that truly specialise and perfect their craft, we can deliver exceptionally polished and detailed marketing to our clients that exceed the normal standards of Kingscliff real estate. When our Good Property Collective production team comes to film and photograph your home, it gives us every inch of an advantage that the home is beautifully presented, giving you an outstanding marketing campaign every time you sell your Kingscliff home.



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