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Experienced agents and accumulated knowledge shows.

When we sell homes, we are taking part in forging futures- with property in mind and people at heart, we understand the enormity of selling property and purchasing another. Going that extra further for our clients, for us property is all about chasing great client relationships that are not just for now but forever.

When you list with GPC, we offer home staging, assist in a personalised itinerary of ‘getting your house market ready’ and collaborate with local brands I.e linen makers, botanists, homewares, etc. to accessorise and style your stand-out listing. That’s our difference. A majority of our team members and agents have design, styling, and or fashion experience that truly sets your home apart. We know what looks good, we know what buyers are looking for and we know how to get you the best price- always starting with on-point and on-trend home presentation.

Being featured in captivating lifestyle and property photo shoots and films, our social approach really activates the visual exposure that is needed to have more eyes on selling an asset. Locals to the Gold Coast and Northern NSW, our real estate team redefines selling Luxury Property through integrating timeless practices whilst doing things a little differently.

Simply put, we get it. We all live on the Gold Coast and know what magic it has to offer. We know the best schools, the best healthcare, the best bars and restaurants, the best cafes, the best markets, the best shops, the best nature trails, the best beach breaks- you name it, we know it.

We live this lifestyle every day. When you know the market through and through and truly understand the intricacies of the Gold Coast property market, it goes noticed.

Through launching a custom marketing campaign with GPC, we delve into a deeper strategy of how to get your property most noticed, engaged, and interacted with.

Inclusions within our marketing plans distinguish the best selling strategies on how to take your property to the market by either Auction, Tendor, or Expressions of Interest. The GPC Creative team will liaise with you, presenting a timeline of film, video shoot and edits that will launch on socials, online and via Your property will be marketed with professional copywriting that best portrays the essence of what we are selling.

In conjunction with this, our designer individualises open home flyers, just listed flyers and a large custom For Sale sign. Launch events can also be arranged to generate more interest for larger campaigns that host a group curated evening with catering and music.

Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever-increasing in value. It is the most solid security that human ingenuity has devised. It is the basis of all security and about the only indestructible security.

Quote by Russell Sage

Apartment Sales

Luxury ocean side apartments are becoming more and more popular amongst people that are looking to live a lifestyle of total convenience, accessibility and security.

Locations are generally prime, with ocean view aspects and floor plates falling within a similar size category of that compared to the standard home. Luxury apartment living on the Gold Coast and beyond provides people with incredible lifestyle opportunities. With access to health amenities of gyms, pools, saunas, steam rooms all under the one roof, it is no wonder that this way of living is gaining more popularity as our lives become more automated (maintenance free is a big tick for most) and where there is higher demand to live within direct proximity to cultural advantages of eateries, shops, boardwalks and parks. Connection to a like- minded community generally comes with the purchase of these asset types, with developers and architects now putting more focus into shared common areas such as rooftop terraces where gatherings create a whole approach to living experience.

Luxury Homes


The Luxury Property sector has widespread coverage within the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers demographic as a result of many people in recent years buying here from across the Major Eastern Australian Cities.

Construction is currently in high demand, bringing us never before seen numbers of architecturally designed builds. There is a grande number of people moving to the areas in which GPC services that require a certain standard of living. This shift is bringing another dimension of fine home designs, setting the standards of ‘High End Living’ blended with the natural terrain and beach lifestyle that we geographically offer.

The Luxury Homes that we sell, depict a lifestyle that is unquestionably attractive to the Australian lifestyle buyer. Each residence has its own personality, its own unique features and specific layout.

GPC understands the process like no other when it comes to selling double digit million dollar homes. Selling high end luxury homes comes with a beautiful process that attracts a certain calibre of buyer, where necessity and a strong sense of suitability make a perfect match. It all comes back to a strong relationship with our client database and how we maintain those relationships internally that step us apart from the average agency. Managing the sale process within Luxury Home Sales requires experienced agent involvement, accompanied with strategic marketing not only within Australia but outwards to the international market.

We respect our client’s privacy and hold the utmost care when we are gifted the reins of selling Estates and Luxury Residences. A focal point for our agency is security. When opening your home to private inspections, we pre qualify buyers to ensure your home and its contents are completely safe, secure and protected from any public theft. A security team can also be arranged for those that require peace of mind.

If your looking to sell your home on the Gold Coast or Northern Rivers, our track record for getting more eyes on your asset is outstandingly high, with former clients getting featured on Australian TV Shows, being heavily promoted on targeted social media ads and collaborations with local artisans such as artists, interior designers and homeward companies. Not only do the agents at Good Property Collective get your property stats up and recognised by potential buyers, we offer private launch events and dining experiences that entertain qualified buyers within your home as it is about to go to market.

For us, again it all comes back to the knowing. When buyers are presented with your home, our agents go on and beyond to know how and when your home was built, its own unique story, materials and features that pull in more enquiry. We pride our team on knowing all of the facts about your property and what it means to live and own a piece of luxury that can be passed on for another’s enjoyment for years to come.

Lifestyle Blocks


A lot more clients are now seeking to live on acreage style properties where living with more freedom is gained. Acreage estates offer larger living quarters, endless privacy and quantitative pastures that facilitate recreational sports such as golf, tennis and horse riding- the list goes on.

There are many ways to structure and invest in the hinterland. Many of our clients own vineyards, resorts, wedding venues and boutique accommodation with the option of utilising direct fly in helicopter services. With the strong shift for more people seeking to holiday away from busy cities and hustling suburbs, a number of hotel corporations are now purchasing successful hinterland air b&b’s and operating these popular residences under international brands.

Environmentally immersing yourself in the rich health benefits of living on natural land is priceless. Having access to fresh water streams, waterfalls and rock pools allows a direct relationship with nature herself. With views around the mountains and its terrains, seeing clear seasonal changes and gazing at uninterrupted sky’s from sunrise to sunset creates an infinite ideology of balance and beauty. Many clients are attracted to the self-sufficiency of acreage living, particularly on land that has a functional topography with established fruit trees, water supply and fertile soil.

Calculating safety in vast land purchases is paramount with the correct fire and flood analysis. The estates that we represent are located within close proximity to coastal beaches and range anywhere between a ten to sixty minute drive inland so access in and out is relatively practical.

When it comes to land, it is irreplaceable. There is only so much land and that is why it always has and always will hold its value. Between 2020-2021 land sales have gone up exponentially with the demand of this style of living becoming a popular trend for those looking to steer clear of side by side homes that can come with typical suburban living.

Buying a hinterland property offers so much opportunity for families to live in flow. Family operated farms with agriculture and pasture raised animals are always needed or can be solely used for the lifestyle purposes of bringing a certain quality of life to your existing family pets with more freedom to roam and explore.

Selling acreage homes, the agents at GPC understand the specs and details that buyers look for when shopping for a lifestyle block. Many of our clients are high net worth and/or high profile personnel that require that extra sense of safety and privacy through discreet and sometimes deceiving estates that are not visible from the road entrance. Our brand is respectful to this process of confidentiality and also in how to facilitate these arrangements.