A moment to purchase the first of its kind in Chevron Island. Chevron One brought to you by Bensons is an Australian family owned business with a 25 year track record in delivering luxury developments. The iconic Chevron One Residential Tower comprises of 41 Levels of luxury one, two, three and four bedroom sky homes with the addition of a 5 bedroom sub penthouse with an anticipated completion in 2024.

How we work and what we do

  • We help you to clarify your vision so that the branding is consistent with your goals.
  • We provide you with rigorous research
    of the demographic of the suburb to show you where the demand is coming from.
  • We build a detailed profile of your target market so that the branding is targeted and relevant.

Our copywriters provide you with an extensive questionnaire to help refine the tone and voice of this project. By leveraging linguistics and semantics, the voice of your marketing cuts through the noise of other marketing.

  • Our in-house designer will create a branding presentation unique to your property and your target market.
  • You are given choice between a number of different options so that you remain in control of the project
  • Truly engaging media doesn’t happen by accident. It requires intentionality and the expertise of someone with directorial vision and experience.
  • This plan will ensure that your target audience is drawn into the sensory experience of your media package.
  • We design a bespoke website for your project which is consistent with the branding, imaging, and written voice.
  • We are disrupting the market by leveraging newer digital spaces and opportunities: TikTok, influencers, YouTube etc. We elevate your property into the realm of the luxury villa of the rich and the famous.
  • Our innovative media packages offer unique experiences like fly throughs, virtual reality. It is unlike any marketing you have ever seen.
  • Our media manager will run your social media channels throughout the campaign. This interaction and personal touch boosts engagement.
  • We advertise your project using the traditional sources of real estate: Domain,, Google. Our knowledge of algorithms which govern these sites means that our listings end up prioritised over other agencies. We quantifiably do it better.
  • We collaborate with high-end brands to increase the prestige of your project. For example: a partnership with Porsche where every purchase of a property over a certain value comes with a luxury car.
  • A Good Property Collective open house is more than just a walkthrough with some bottled water and mints in a bowl. It is a sensory experience of the property. Everything is considered, from the sound design to the aroma of barista-made coffee that subtly lingers in the air. We want your target market to experience what their life could look like if they were to purchase this property. Selling an image of the future helps to sell listings.
    We pride ourselves on delivering results that exceed the hopes of our clients. We are experts in negotiating the best prices, knowing when to push and when to wait. All you need to do is sit back and watch.

    We support you through the settling process, making sure that you are protected and kept informed as the property sells.

    Helping people to achieve their goals and dreams is our raison d’etre. When the project wraps up, we look forward to celebrate the successes which were amplified by our methodologies.