Manon A.K x Good Property Collective

WORDS BY – Camille Khan

Manon is a ceramicist based in Byron’s hinterland. Her signature work is modelled of classic functional silhouettes such as a vase with a misshapen form. The pieces are fluid and consistent with her brand, while each piece is unique to her hand-building technique.

Her hand-painted line work brings her archaeologically inspired craft to the modern world by placing an element of structure and tact in her pieces. We spoke with Manon about her unique take on ceramic design and how objects inspire personality within a home. You can find Manon’s pieces in Braer, a curated florist residing in Soko Space alongside St. Agni, Tones cafe and YeahNice Gallery.

What brought you into the field of ceramics? Have you always enjoyed working with clay?

As a child growing up in Japan I was always surrounded by beautiful ceramic objects which I believe led me to the art form. However I discovered a love for working with clay as an adult when I started going to a community studio each week. My passion grew and led me to study it more seriously.

Can you go into some detail about the type of clay and where it is sourced? Do you use all Australian earth elements?

I use mostly stoneware clay for its durability but I also love using terracotta and I have worked with found clay in the past. There is lots of clay on the land where I live and I would love to start experimenting more with it. All of the clay I use is sourced in Australia.

What do you believe ceramics, as an art form, brings to a home?

I believe ceramics as an art form to be a marriage between beauty and utility. Clay has been used for thousands of years to create functional objects that we use in our daily lives. Ceramics allows for the creation of beautiful and decorative objects that also serve a practical purpose. Handmade ceramics are unique and one-of-a-kind, making them a great addition to any home. Their individuality brings a personal and meaningful touch to your living space.

What are the benefits of purchasing ceramics for home use, particularly kitchenware?

Choosing handmade ceramics for kitchenware not only gives you a functional piece but also adds character and charm to your daily routine. The uniqueness of each piece provides a sense of satisfaction, knowing that you own something truly special.

Who do you believe you make your ceramics for? Describe your buyer.

I create ceramics for people who appreciate the beauty of imperfection. My work is inspired by the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, which celebrates the beauty of things that are imperfect, incomplete, or impermanent. My goal is to create ceramics that not only serve a functional purpose but also provide a sense of joy and connection to those who use them.

Who inspires you creatively, and are there any Australian artists you closely work with?

One of the greatest joys of my journey into ceramics was the opportunity to learn from some truly remarkable teachers. Each of these individuals had their own unique styles of teaching and their own creative visions, which inspired me in countless ways. I will always be grateful for their guidance and support, as they helped me to develop my own creative instincts and become a better artist.

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