Integrating Wellness into the Home

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WORDS BY – Brodie Low

A growing real estate trend in recent years is integrating wellness into the home, particularly in the high-end apartment market on the Gold Coast. With ocean view aspects and large floor plates falling within a similar size category to the traditional home, it is no wonder that this way of living is gaining more popularity as our lives become more automated (maintenance-free is a big tick for most) and where there is a higher demand to live within direct proximity to cultural advantages of eateries, shops, boardwalks and parks.

Connection to a like-minded community generally comes with purchasing these asset types. Developers and architects now focus more on shared common areas such as rooftop terraces where gatherings create a whole approach living experience connecting the residents to each other and nature.

The concept of wellness living involves incorporating features and amenities that promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle, from fitness and spa facilities to eco-friendly and sustainable design. The growing interest in wellness living is driven by a desire for greater physical and mental well-being, as well as a recognition of the significant impact that our environment has on our health and happiness.


Developers of luxury apartments on the Gold Coast have recognized this trend and are now offering a range of wellness-focused features and amenities to attract buyers. One example is the inclusion of health facilities such as gyms, yoga studios, swimming pools and saunas all under one roof. These facilities are designed to offer residents a convenient and private space to exercise without leaving the building. Some developers have even taken this further, providing access to personal trainers, fitness classes, and on-site health and wellness experts to advise residents on nutrition and lifestyle choices. Spa facilities are another popular feature in high-end apartment complexes on the Gold Coast. Many new developments include wellness areas that offer a range of treatments, such as massages, saunas, and steam rooms. These facilities are designed to provide residents with relaxing and rejuvenating experiences that promote mental and physical well-being.

Eco-friendly and sustainable design is another key aspect of wellness living. Developers are now incorporating features such as energy-efficient appliances into their designs, reducing the carbon footprint of the building and promoting a more sustainable way of living. Many new apartments are also designed to maximize natural light and ventilation, improving air quality and reducing the need for artificial lighting and air conditioning. The integration of wellness into real estate is beneficial not only for residents but also for developers.

Research has shown that wellness-focused features can increase the value and desirability of properties, making them more attractive to buyers and increasing the potential for higher returns on investment. In addition, these features can also help to attract a wider range of buyers, including those who prioritize health and well-being in their lifestyle choices. As this trend grows, wellness living will likely become an increasingly important consideration for real estate buyers on the Gold Coast and beyond

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