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WORDS BY – Brodie Low

The family-owned and run distillery operates a sugar cane and cattle farm on 150 acres located amongst the picturesque town of Tumbulgum, nestled in the heart of the lush Tweed Valley in New South Wales, Australia. The distillery has quickly gained producing award-winning spirits that showcase the unique flavours and character of the local sugarcane and rainforest ingredients. 

The distillery offers tours, tastings, a restaurant, and seasonal events, and Harriet explained the potential growth into hosting weddings. Many visitors come from South East Queensland for a day trip, whilst many people from Sydney and Melbourne travel through and make a day of it.

Founder Paul Messenger (with a background in geology) sought to create a provenance-driven spirit. Tumbulgum lies within the middle of the ancient tweed caldera at the base of an eroded 23 million-year-old volcano. Paul’s connection to land and place was pivotal in choosing Tumbulgum as a region to make a sugar cane juice rum.

Husk Distillers are the only people in Australia and 3% of the world, who make rum from sugar cane juice, traditionally methodised in the Caribbean.
Sam asked, “Why did you choose this location as an area to build this place?” Harriet replied, “There is a bit of a family connection to it. Dad grew up on the Gold Coast in Southport back in the 60s and 70s and he and one of his mates used to have a farm down near Tumbulgum.”
The actual design of the building exterior (most specifically the gable roof peaks) was inspired by when the family was in New Zealand on a road trip and saw a barn-style design they just loved. The architecture of Husk is just beautiful in itself, truly complimenting the natural landscape that it sits on.
“It was always important for us to bring people here to see the farm-to-bottle experience and the holistic approach to making a provenance spirit.” Rum is incredibly seasonal and dependent on the growing conditions of the cane for the year so the idea for the iconic Ink Gin was born. The Ink Gin, which has grown in popularity and its signifying purple colouring, began through Paul researching the best botanical to make his gin stand out against competitors, that being blue butterfly pea flour.

for anyone that resides in the Tweed Coast/ Valley and afar, Husk is a must-see destination. On a sunny day, take the drive out there and bask in the sun whilst sipping on some worldly and outstanding spirits; there is a great resonance to the integral craftsmanship of how they do things, purveying quality service and products for people to enjoy time and time again.

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