Nikkou Store x Good Property Collective

IMAGES BY – Nikkou Store
WORDS BY – Brodie Low

Lillie is a Casuarina local who manages Nikkou Store- established in 2018. We chatted about what the Nikkou store encompasses and the charm it exudes within the community.

Situated in the Commons, Nikkou is a stand-out designer fashion store in the heart of Casuarina that supports all Australian brands, including Faithful the brand, Blanca, Hansen Gretel and Assembly. They stock a lot of designer labels out of Byron Bay, including St Agni, Spell, Zulu and Zephyr and Flash Jewellery. Nikkou Founder- Tiffany Cooper came up with the name Nikkou, pronounced (Nick-oo), meaning sunlight in Japanese. ‘It is how the store experience brings sunlight into your life.’ Proud of their customer service approach, the team from Nikkou store are well known for really great customer service. ‘We are here for our customers. Our customers are like our friends.’

Store Manager Lillie moved from Nobby’s Beach to Casuarina when she started a family for a quieter and more relaxed lifestyle. ‘It’s such a community down here.’ Lillie explained that everyone in Casuarina has come from somewhere else, with many of her local friends originally from Victoria, Sydney and South Australia. In the past 4-5 years, Lillie has seen growth in Casuarina through new developments, homes, shopping centres, restaurants, and cafes. Nikkou Store is a centrepiece within the Casuarina village, bringing ethical and sustainable fashion to life for locals to experience and enjoy.

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