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IMAGES BY – Fusion Wellness
WORDS BY – Camille Khan

In this week’s culture index, we interviewed Georgie, the founder of Fusion Wellness, situated at the Commons in Casuarina. We discussed the importance of health and wellness in today’s climate and the array of services that Fusion can offer you as a studio member. We have an exciting upcoming giveaway with Fusion you do not want to miss, so keep an eye on our socials for an announcement.

How long has Fusion wellness been operating, and how did it all begin?

Georgie registered the business name at twenty-three as “Fusion Yoga & Pilates” after completing her training course. Her health and wellness journey began when she was a child diagnosed with a rare heart condition requiring life-threatening surgery. Doctors advised her to cease all high-intensity exercise and apt for a lower stimulus form of movement, such as yoga.

At just 16 years old, Georgie became a fitness instructor, moving through the motions of personal training and teaching classes in Australia and worldwide. She developed a concept for a deck of yoga cards targeting desk workers and young mothers, which she retailed in various stockists such as David Jones and Officeworks. Yoga maintained a passion project for Georgie alongside the machinations of her career.


Why did you decide to open in the Commons, Casuarina location?

After having her three children and settling down in Northern NSW’s coastal town of Cabarita, Georgie began exploring the option of opening her own studio space. During the pandemic, she acquired a light-filled studio upstairs in the Commons at Casuarina, where she now has a fully functional health and wellness studio.

“Sometimes a downturn in the market is a perfect time to take opportunities”, Georgie explains when referring to her initial risky investment in the large studio space. Obtaining a larger area for her studio allowed her to expand her business by providing more space for clients.

As the brand has grown, so has her staff and service offering within the Fusion Wellness studio. The studio hosts an array of holistic offerings for their clients, including a physio, women’s health specialist, naturopath, acupuncturist, astrologist and nurse for intravenous drips.

“We offer the full experience that nurtures the body, mind, health, soul and spirit”.

What do you love most about the wellness industry?

If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. Georgie speaks to her own experiences with health, and those she has witnessed from people around her inspire her to prioritise wellness for herself and her clients. She explains that wellness is more than the physical and encompasses the emotional, mental, spiritual and connections to self and others.


What do people expect when they come to your studio? And tell us the health benefits of doing meditation, Yoga or pilates.

“The list is endless. People come for a variety of specific reasons”.

The physical: toning, strength, stamina, and hormone effects such as the release of endorphins.
The emotional: feeling good, again the hormonal effects
Mental clarity: Allowing people to practice mindfulness and focus
Recovery: Whether physical or emotional, we have meditation to aid healing.
Spiritual: Allowing people to elevate higher and be more in touch with their spirituality.

Georgie explains that when people come to the studio, they expect to feel nurtured by the staff and have a real sense of connection. She refers to the pandemic as a time when people came to the studio to connect. The team at Fusion Wellness are there to guide their clients to achieve their goals and understand their unique wellness requirements.

Why do you think more people should be moving to Casuarina? Please tell us what the area represents for you.

Georgie explains, “Everyone who lives here has come from somewhere” originally from Melbourne; she finds the community of Casuarina warm and welcoming and an excellent match for young families, “Locals are so open to meet people, your community becomes your family”. She furthers that Casuarina is a great place for businesses to explore opportunities given the ongoing development plans and increasing population.


Tell us your favourite go-to spot in the Tweed Coastline.

Georgie jokes, “does the council watch this?” and laughs. There are many hidden local treasures along the coastline with picture-frame views of the rolling waves. She explains there are multiple family bench seats along the beachline and recalls a fond recent memory of her and her family taking in the ocean views before the regular morning family antics.

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