Andy Macpherson x Good Property Collective

IMAGES BY – Andy Macpherson
WORDS BY – Brodie Low

GPC Founder Sam Gibson interviewed the man behind the lens- Andy Macpherson, who photographs some of Australia’s most outstanding residential architecture. His work from Byron Bay to Brisbane has been featured in the design magazines we know and love, such as vogue living, the local project, Dezeen and Grand Designs. 

Andy shared his thoughts on the ultimate family homes and the most fundamental architectural design features in terms of continuity, liveability and relatability. Andy’s first inspiration was seeing an incredible photo of a house in Seattle. “When I saw that photo, I said, I have to drop everything I am doing and try to go and create a photo like that.” Andy has been photographing homes for the past seven years and is passionate about the personability side of it all, spending an entire day with people in their homes and getting to know them well. 

 Sam asked, “What style of home excites you the most to shoot?” Andy explained, “I see a lot of stuff, and I would say things where there are really clever solutions. It is the gestures, given the constraint, people have, that I think is really cool.”

Andy explained his dream home is a landscape-style modern cabin with mountain views. He shared his insight into capturing the best angles of a home on camera, discussing the importance of light, time of the day and, most importantly, the art of storytelling.

Recently having worked with David Hansford from DAH Architecture, Andy commended the firm’s ability to achieve creative solutions for their clients. He has also worked a lot in the Northern Rivers with renowned architect Harley Graham from HGA, who he shares is larger than life, making homes liveable and architectural.

To check out Andy’s portfolio, explore his Instagram here, or visit his online gallery here.

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