Luxury Properties — What Buyers Are Looking For

WORDS BY – Brodie Low

What are buyers looking at when they have 5+ million dollars to spend?

For current owners of large luxury residences or high-end properties, it is important to gain insight as to what will set your home apart from the rest. Looking deeper into the needs and requirements of luxury home buyers adds foreseeable value to market demand. 


With location always being paramount to maintaining values in any area no matter how much emphasis goes into an architecturally designed home, we see time and time again that demand for easy access is a huge requirement for buyers in the 5 million dollar + mark. Helicopter access is favoured, particularly in more rural suburbs of Northern NSW. With hinterland and beachside so close by proximity in the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers, a panoramic view is what captures the magic of any home whether it is of the sandy beaches or Western hinterland aspects.

First and foremost, owners of these estates know first hand that when you are of a certain financial status (sometimes high profile or celebrity status) you require a high level of privacy and security. This is an incredibly important feature that is a must for luxury home buyers with high gate and frontage profiles, security cameras vaults, sensors and alarms all added features that create a sense of calm for crime prevention. We can’t fail to mention the importance of storage in any large residence. This includes ample undercover car parking and wardrobes to display and store important items of value such as jewellery, shoes and handbags.


Luxury homes always exude decadence and character without limitations. Opulence and grandness is always featured in varied themes through high end quality materials where craftsmanship is above the rest. This can be portrayed through health focused amenities such as spas, hydrotherapy, cold plunge pools, saunas, infra-red saunas, lap pools and/ or tennis courts. Equally important is what the lifestyle of the home conveys- whether it is close by to a golf course, has a private jetty, horse stables or an agricultural factor such as an olive grove, orchard or vineyard.

An important requirement is also accomodating guests. This can come in the form of a guest house or seperate self contained wing which can privately accomodate visitors coming and going. Being hospitable is an important factor when owning a luxury residence. Being able to share the experience with people such as business associates, friends or family brings pleasure, with the concept of sharing abundant experiences in mind. This is why the layout of the kitchen is particularly important for those that wish to host on the regular. It is very common to have a private chef that would cook for guests and staff that facilitate dinner parties and/ or events. A butlers pantry is usually requested as is a wine cellar.

It is all in the details of impeccable presentation and location that captures the eyes of luxury buyers. Where money is generally not an obstacle but a vehicle to attain something of true value to a clients lifestyle and portfolio. We help facilitate this process through servicing both buyers and sellers in the luxury property market on the Gold Coast and the Northern Rivers. Through understanding the needs of buyers, we are able to assist owners with presenting their home to a relevant market. This comes in the form of how we do our digital marketing through film and photography, how we stage the home and if there are any pre market renovations or upgrades that we would advise upon to generate a greater interest.


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